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SaddleRight - Do Right By Your Horse, Make It SaddleRight

SaddleRight is a proud sister company of WiredWorks. We believe the making of a great and happy horse comes from several things but most importantly, overall wellness. That can only be achieved by good nutrition, and good physical health. The unique Core material in our pad, encourages the back muscles to regenerate, rebuild and repair. It also encourages the nerves and lymphatic system to work properly. Our pad allows the freedom needed for those equine athletes to reach better, feel better, and ultimately perform better. The pad begins working as soon as it is applied to the back. This was the origination of the first and only TRUE orthopedic saddle pad available.

Dr. Mike Freeman, DOC and Kinesiologist, knew that the back held the key to overall physical wellness. That is what led him to years of research and design. The goal was to produce the ultimate orthopedic tool, to help horses to fell and perform better. Dr. Freeman achieved his goal and the “SaddleRight” pad was born. His pad would help to repair, regenerate, and rebuild the muscles. It would also protect the sensitive nerves and allow for freedom of movement.

There are a lot of pads available to consumers these days, but they are just pads. SaddleRight is in a league of its own, unmatched in quality, function, and longevity. It offers the only lifetime warranty, against core compression or degradation, that the industry has ever seen. Doesn’t your horse deserve a SaddleRight Pad?

SaddleRight offers a wide variety of Western and English styles, colors and options. Every pad is made meticulously for each riders’ individual taste and needs. Learn more at

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