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  • What type of wire is used?
    We use green vinyl coated wire mesh for the lawn and garden products and black vinyl coated wire for the rolls of wire we sell.
  • Can the product be reused each year?
    Yes, the product is resistant to rusting and should provide years of service.
  • Is the product harmful to animals?
    No, there are no adverse effects to animals. While we would never recommend that animals eat the vinyl coating, they will never get enought to cause problems.
  • What are some uses for the large rolls of wire?
    We've had very many creative uses from building aviaries, rabbit hutches, chicken enclosures, barriers to protect against birds and bats in roof and barn openings, temporary small animal pens, garden netting and many more. The material is flexible but sturdy and easy to snip with a small wire cutters.
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